Village Land Management Study 2018

Sunday, 22/04/2018SurveyMETER

The respondent's live session in the training series for prospective enumerators for the 2018 Village Land Management Study, August 22, 2018, was witnessed directly by researchers from Hitotsubashi University.

SurveyMETER conducted a survey related to village land in Indonesia.  Known as the Crooked Land study and was carried out in collaboration with Hitotsubashi University Japan and with support from the Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI).

It aims to collect detailed information on crooked land at the various village, household, and farm plot levels, covering a wide geographic area beyond the case study. It was conducted by SurveyMETER using a structured questionnaire designed differently for villages, tenant households, and owner households.

Data collection interviews were conducted from February 28 to April 10, 2018, by applying the computer-assisted interview (CAPI) method. The interviewer is equipped with a laptop installed by the CAPI program in order to minimize any measurement errors in interviews and data entry in the field.

The study areas are ten districts in Central Java and three districts in East Java. Two sub-districts were selected from each district. The selection of sub-district is based on the characteristics of agricultural land. (JF)