Territorial Facilitation aims to create a selected growth-center area where SurveyMETER considers it has a responsibility toward regional development efforts. This output is related to the management of a social laboratory for SurveyMETER to test all instruments for empowering and strengthening public capacity in order to create evidence-based policies. The social laboratory is the main tool in joint advocacy programs with the SurveyMETER network. One of SurveyMETER's concentrations in this activity is to contribute to the government, especially local governments regarding the importance of data for policymaking. The concentration is carried out by identifying the growth center areas. The growth center area is a facilitation territory where SurveyMETER carries out mentoring commenced from the identification of problems faced, support for resource development and cooperation, especially partnership services in the fields that constitute the concentration of SurveyMETER's program.

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Trial Program for Innovative Community Long-Term Care (LTC) System and Service Development



Bappenas and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) that assisted by SurveyMETER conducted a pilot program under TA9928 in 2021: Development of Innovative Community-Based Long-Term Care (LTC) Systems and Services in an Integrated Elderly Services Framework with funding from the Japan Fund for Poverty Reduction.

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Socialization on the Formation of Integrated Village and Regional Data of Nganjuk Regency in Patianrowo District



Field stages expansion of the study of the Integrated Household and Individual Data-Based Stunting Handling System (TEPAT RAMAH) began with program

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Three Generations of Guwosari Village Play Angklung Welcoming HLUN May 29



As many as 80 people representing three generations (children, teenagers, and elderly) from Guwosari Village collaborated to play

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Pelatihan Editor Data SPSTPS di Kabupaten Nganjuk



Setelah pelatihan Pelatihan Petugas Lapangan selesai dilakukan pada 23-27 Oktober 2018 lalu, kegiatan Studi Pengembangan Sistem Terpadu Penanganan

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Pelatihan Petugas Lapangan SPSTPS Kabupaten Nganjuk



Rangkaian kegiatan Studi Pengembangan Sistem Terpadu Penanganan Stunting Berbasi Data di Level Puskesmas (SPSTPS) di Kabupaten Nganjuk terus berlan

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Penanganan Stunting Salah Satu Program Prioritas Dinas Kesehatan Kabupaten Nganjuk



Penanganan stunting menjadi salah satu program prioritas Dinas Kesehatan Kabupaten Nganjuk.

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Developing an Integrated System for Stunting Treatment Data-Based at the Health Centers of Nganjuk District



SurveyMETER collaborates in a program to develop an integrated data-based stunting management system at the puskesmas with the Nganjuk district gov

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Kegiatan Perdana Posyandu Lanjut Usia Bougenvil Dusun Iroyudan



Setelah pada Minggu pagi (31/12/2017) lalu digelar kegiatan gebyar Kumpul Lanjut Usia, Posyandu Lansia Bougenvil Dusun Iroyudan Desa Guwosari mengg

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Pelatihan Peningkatan Kapasitas Manajemen Data Kesehatan Ibu dan Anak Terpadu di Desa dan Puskesmas Putaran 4



Tim studi Pelatihan Peningkatan Kapasitas Manajemen Data Kesehatan Ibu dan Anak Terpadu di Desa dan Puskesmas (Sentinel) kembali melakukan pelatiha

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SurveyMETER, Cita Sehat Foundation, and Rumah Zakat Held Formal Hearings with the Regent of Bantul



Jumat (20/10/2017) kemarin, SurveyMETER bersama dengan Cita Sehat Foundation dan Rumah Zakat melakukan audiensi dengan Bupati Bantul, Drs H Suharso