Realizing the Integrated Elderly Care Services by Launching the Community Care Hub “Girang Melinggih” Program

Indonesia will officially enter the aging population structure phase in 2021 since it has a percentage of older adults of more than 10%.

Tuesday, 01/11/2022

Pembukaan pelatihan pada Selasa, 16 Februari 2021

Trial Program for Innovative Community Long-Term Care (LTC) System and Service Development

Bappenas and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) that assisted by SurveyMETER conducted a pilot program under TA9928 in 2021: Development of Innovativ

Friday, 15/10/2021

Kunjungan ke Posyandu Lanjut Usia ”Anggrek” Dusun Watugedug Desa Guwosari (12 Feb 2018)

SurveyMETER As a Facilitator for BAPPENAS, ADB and TSAO Foundation Field Trips in Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta Special Province, according to BPS (Central Statistics Agency) data issued in 2017, has the highest life expectancy (UHH) in Indonesia,

Monday, 15/10/2018