SAKERTIM Community and Facilities Survey (KOMFAS SAKERTIM) 2012

Friday, 11/01/2013SurveyMETER


The Community and Facilities (Comfas) and the Household (HH) are two series of research in the IFLS-East. It is a multipurpose survey since, in addition to collecting data and information by visiting households, it also visited health and education facilities that households usually know and use in the selected area. The data collected includes infrastructure, socio-economic conditions, access to health and education facilities, and quality of services available, as well as daily necessities prices. It was held in collaboration with SurveyMETER and the National Team for the Acceleration of Poverty Reduction (TNP2K) under AusAID support.

The sample from the Comfas survey was 98 designated IFLS-East enumeration areas. The samples of education and health facilities are those services mentioned by respondents in the Household Survey and located in the enumeration area. The facilities are ranked in accordance with the frequency level mentioned by the respondent within each stratum. The most frequently mentioned facilities are always selected to visit, while the others are randomly chosen first. The health and education facilities mentioned by the sample respondents' households were then compiled into one in the Facility Availability List (DKF).

The visiting health facilities are Puskesmas/Pustu, private practices such as clinics, general practitioners, midwives, paramedics/nurses, village midwives, and Posyandu. Given the increasing role of the Elderly Posyandu and to provide information on social change, KOMFAS SAKERTIM also interviewed the Elderly Posyandu and traditional leaders. While the educational facilities visited were Elementary Schools (SD), Junior High Schools (SMP), and High Schools (SMA At the community level, the village head, and his staff were interviewed about the socio-economic conditions, the facilities, and the infrastructures available there. The implementation of government programs is also asked at the community level, both by the village head and informants.

The implementation of field data collection for COMFAS IFLS-EAST started in late September to November 2012, two months after the Household Survey data collection was completed. Previously, the COMFAS Team conducted training for prospective interviewers on September 2-24, 2012, at the Grand Wahid Hotel, Salatiga City. [JF]