The Angklung Nusantara Inter-generational group was witnessed by the Deputy Regent of Bantul

Tuesday, 17/03/2020Guwosari, Pajangan, Bantul

The Inter-Generation Angklung Nusantara Group was witnessed by the Deputy Regent of Bantul and other officials in the Inauguration of Taman Jati Prohibition of Iroyudan Hamlet, Guwosari Village, Bantul, Sunday (03/15/2020.

Sunday (15/03/2020) Bougenville Angklung Nusantara Inter-generational Group Elderly Posyandu Iroyudan Hamlet also enlivened the Inauguration of Taman Jati Park Larangan Tourism Object in Iroyudan Hamlet, Guwosari Village, Pajangan, Bantul.  The inauguration was carried out by Deputy Regent H Abdul Halim Muslih with the signing of the inscription. The release of the colorful balloons was carried out by DIY DPRD Member, Joko Purnomo.

The inauguration was attended by Bantul DPRD member Muh Agus Salim, Pajangan District Muspika ranks, Guwosari Village Head Masduki Rahmat SIP, former Village Head H. Suharto and hundreds of local residents.

In his speech the Deputy Regent said that the existence of these attractions is expected to be able to improve the community's economy. Tourism continues to be encouraged and supported because it is part of improving welfare. "Of course we will continue to promote the existence of this tour and become a new destination in Bantul Regency," he said.

Taman Jati Larangan was built since November 2019 with self-funding from residents of RT 01 Iroyudan hamlet. They donated from Rp 10,000 to millions of rupiah according to their respective abilities. Park design is a combination of several concepts, namely culinary tourism, cultural tourism, nature tourism and sports tourism. Because of its location under the mountains there are many distinctive and beautiful photo spots including the village elders' tomb complex, namely Mbah Iroyudo and Mbah Danang Joyo, many palm-roofed gazebo and green trees. 

In the future, visitors and tourists can enjoy typical village preparations, namely peso vegetable namely tempe leaves so dilodeh, shoot vegetable lodeh tempe rambak and ondel aka oseng-oseng grendel or papaya flowers.

The performance of the Angklung Nusantara Inter-Generation Group consists of three generations, namely the elderly, youth, and elementary school age children. They performed 3 songs: Ibu Kita Kartini, Tanah Airku and Indonesia Pusaka. Their appearance is compact and neat spirit especially because they wear new batik uniforms which are  gift from SurveyMETER for the elderly, in celebrating its 18th anniversary.

In the future, the Taman Jati Larangan complex will become a center of community activity in Iroyudan and surrounding areas. Including being a training ground and stage for Angklung Nusantara Inter-Generation Group. (TPA / JF)