Checking Blood Pressure, Talking, and Sharing Love Cords to the Elderly

Monday, 02/03/2020Guwosari, Pajangan, Bantul

Young Cadre of Posyandu Assistance for Elderly Anggrek Watugedug Hamlet, Guwosari, Bantul doing homecare, Sunday (01/03/2020)

Seven young cadre Anggrek Elderly Posyandu  Watugedug Hamlet, Guwosari Village, Bantul still continue to serve the elders. It never crossed their minds that the urge to help the routine posyandu monthly activities and visit services (homecare) for the elderly who are unable to perform routine activities due to illness (bedridden), only because of fulfilling the requirements of obtaining vocational scholarships. Even though the process has a lot to learn, now for them to help and serve is a calling. And it has already been three years of their devotion to the elders. 

The seven of them shared their tasks and targets in doing homecare for one Watugedug Hamlet. They divided themselves into 3 groups whose priority target for each group was the elderly who were in their immediate environment. The first group, 2 young cadres who lived in RT01 and RT 02, group two, 2 young cadres visited the elderly who lived in RT03, and the third group consisted of 3 young cadres who visited the elderly in RT 04 and RT 05. The visit was carried out  after their school hours, according to the agreement of each group member.

As usual their routine activities  is to measure blood pressure, talk to the elderly, then bring a parcel of food. What was special during the visit last month (March 1, 2020) yesterday was giving a parcel of love in order to be grateful for 18 years anniversary of SurveyMETER. (TPA / JF)