13 April 2021

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Lanjut Usia dan COVID-19, Kesehatan dan Lanjut Usia



Osuke Komazawa, Ni Wayan Suriastini, Endra Dwi Mulyanto, Ika Yulia Wijayanti, Maliki, Dinar Dana Kharisma

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Older Adults and COVID-19 in Indonesia

Cover Report Lanjut Usia dan Covid-19_di_Indonesia_210831

The telephone survey of Older Adults and COVID-19 in Indonesia is a collective initiative of ERIA, Bappenas, and SurveyMETER. This study aims to (1) measure senior citizens’ general knowledge about COVID-19; (2) compare the welfare of older adults before, during, and or after the COVID-19 pandemic; (3) understand the problems faced by older adults during the COVID-19 pandemic; (4) monitoring assistance received by them during the COVID-19 pandemic; and (5) identify policies needed to mitigate the impact of the pandemic on the older adults.

The findings of this study show that more than half of the older adults experienced a decline in income, especially those who depend on their income from work and their children's earnings. Significantly more senior citizens are receiving government assistance than before the pandemic. One in six senior citizens reported that their health declined during the pandemic, while a significant portion of older adults remain supportive of their social interactions despite the pandemic. The government is advised to strengthen its efforts by building a support system for older adults to realize the National Strategy for Aging vision.

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