22 October 2014

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One Step towards the DREAM of ELDERLY-Friendly Cities for Senior Citizens in 2030 | Surakarta City

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Based on baseline data from the 2013 Elderly-Friendly City Assessment Study, Surakarta City is conceivably described as a city expressly approaching being elderly-friendly.

Based on the color achievement category being adjusted to the percentage of community assessment scores stating Suitable and Very Suitable, the people of Surakarta City, broadly recognized as Solo City, gave the color yellow a score of 56%. This color category is based on a percentage assessment score, especially red features a percentage score of 0-25%, orange has a score of 26-50%, yellow has a score of 51-75%, and green has a score of 76-100%. The city people assess that of the eight dimensions, one is considered to represent green, four dimensions are yellow, two dimensions are orange, and one dimension is red. One dimension that is in the green category is the Social Participation dimension. One dimension of red and one color of orange is a weakness in the achievements of the City of Surakarta. Moreover, the yellow achievement score for the Building and Open Space and the Transportation dimensions are still unsafe (not safe, only slightly above 50%).

However, with this achievement, the expectation of actualizing Surakarta City becoming an elderly-friendly city is utterly fluent. Compared to other cities, Surakarta City received the highest assessment score. So, the excursion to achieve an Elderly-Friendly City in 2013 is moderately easy. If it is planned carefully, it will come true shortly.

What is a detailed description of the achievements of the eight dimensions of an elderly-friendly city in Surakarta City? How does this compare with the general situation in Indonesia? What are the recommended achievements and strategies for Surakarta City to become an Elderly-Friendly City by 2030? For details, please download.

Ikon PDFOne Step towards the DREAM of ELDERLY-Friendly Cities for Senior Citizens in 2030 | Surakarta City