Observation Survey Intervention Program for Transparency for Development (T4D) 2015

Monday, 09/11/2015SurveyMETER


SurveyMETER in collaboration with the Transparency for Development (T4D) Program conducted observational research on intervention programs conducted by the T4D Program. This research is packaged as a continuation (endline) of the Child and Mother Health Survey (SKAI) conducted in February - May 2015. This field study data collection was carried out for two weeks in early November (2-16) 2015.

In this study SurveyMETER has gained trusted from the T4D Team's observation of the intervention program by interviewing key informants in the intervention villages in the provinces of South Sulawesi and

Pelaksanaan observasi pertemuan di salah satu desa

Banten. A total of 3 meeting activities were observed by SurveyMETER, namely: the meeting of survey results, social action meeting, and follow-up meeting III. The follow-up meeting III will be held 13 weeks after the meeting of the survey results and the social action meeting.

The T4D Survey Results and Social Action Meeting activities were conducted with field facilitators from the PATTIRO institution. Because of this, the observation study followed the PATTIRO meeting schedule in each intervention village.

The Transparency for Development Program itself is carried out in 100 villages in 17 selected districts / cities in Banten Province (Pandeglang Regency, Lebak Regency, Serang Regency, Tangerang Regency, and Cilegon City) and South Sulawesi Province (Bone Regency, Wajo, Soppeng, Sidrap, Pinrang, Bulukumba, Bantaeng, Enrekang, Sinjai, Luwu, Maros, and Barru).

This T4D program has two main objectives. First, for transparency in the community through identifying the main obstacles in maternal and newborn health services (KIBBLA) and overcoming them through social actions that are carried out independently. Second, to evaluate the impact of the program in the key KIBBLA indicators (for example the percentage of women giving birth in a health facility, the percentage of women making pregnancy planning, etc.). (JF)