Realizing the Integrated Elderly Care Services by Launching the Community Care Hub “Girang Melinggih” Program

Tuesday, 01/11/2022Gianyar, Bali


Indonesia will officially enter the aging population structure phase in 2021 since it has a percentage of older adults of more than 10%. Indonesia will have a percentage of older adults of 10.82%, which is equal to 29.3 million elderly citizens. Bali Province is one of eight provinces that has a percentage of elderly population of more than ten percent, that is 12.71%.

Dr. Suriastini, Executive Director of SurveyMETER, conveyed that considering its significant and urgent nature, BAPPENAS initiated the Community Care Hub (CCH) pilot by collaborating with technical assistance from ADB and support from District/City and Village/Kelurahan governments in five locations in Indonesia. The pilot locations, two in Bali, are in Melinggih Village - Gianyar District and Pedungan Village - Denpasar City, while the other three are in the Special Region of Yogyakarta. SurveyMETER coordinated the implementation with support from ADB National and International Consultants. The capacity development training and its implementation thereafter were carried out in stages commencing from February 2021 to May 2022.

CCH is an integrated service where the integration process occurs naturally and is facilitated by the case manager. The Case Manager integrates services that have been or are being developed by the Government, Universities/Institutes/Research Institutes, NGOs, and the Community to improve Holistic services for older citizens in an integrated manner appertaining to health, social and economic matters.

Moreover, Melinggih Village Head, I Made Diptayana, A.Md., revealed that it is called the Community Care Hub "Lansia Girang Melinggih" which means "Gianyar Elderly-Friendly, Safe and Happy, with a Sophisticated Environment" in Melinggih. The results of the latest data collection as of October 4, 2022, carried out by ITEKES Bali students who carried out NERS Professional Fieldwork training, show that the number of older adults in Melinggih was 1127 people.

There are 94 frail and vulnerable older adults, known as level 3, or the equivalent of 8.3%. Until now, only 13% have been served. The 355 senior citizens experience several health problems with a better functional condition, called level 2, equivalent to 37.50%, while the healthy ones are called level 1, totaling 678 people, or equal to 54.10%. The Melinggih village head also invited older citizens not to be pessimistic because the District and Village governments are at their service for them.

Located at the Payangan Sub-District Community Center, Sunday, October 30, 2022, the Regent of Gianyar, I Made Mahayastra, S.ST.Par., M.A.P., represented by Assistant II, launched the Community Care Hub (CCH) Melinggih village with the Strike the Gong ceremonial. Gianyar Regent, I Made Mahayastra, SST.Par., M.A.P. In his speech read by Assistant II to the Gianyar Regency Government. The CCH Melinggih village was a model for other villages in providing better services to older citizens. The government, community, society, and family should work together to create better services for older adults.

Meanwhile, the Chancellor of ITEKES Bali, I Gede Putu Darma Suyasa, Ph.D., said that he would continue to support CCH in Melinggih village after ITEKES Bali students carried out NERS Professional Field Work Practices in Melinggih Village for the last six weeks and assisted with various activities at CCH. Part of the activity was also the closing ceremony for the Bali ITEKES NERS Professional Field Work Practices. On this occasion, the Head of the Giayar Regency PKK Mobilization Team, represented by the secretary, Mrs. Wayan Sriyani, handed over wheelchair assistance. The Bondre's performances about CCH, Pendet dance, Janger dance, Wirama, gymnastics, yoga, crafts, and culinary delights from the active aging program enlivened the event. (HD)