Dissemination of Data Collection Findings for Aging Study in the Districts of Sleman and Gunungkidul

Karinakas Foundation, in close collaboration with SurveyMETER, held a Dissemination of Data Collection Findings for Aging Study on Tuesday, May 16,

Wednesday, 17/05/2023

Kader muda Watugedug

“Young Generation Cares for Elderly” Video Wins Contest

The short 2-minute video titled "Young Generation Cares for Elderly" produced by Surv

Tuesday, 23/06/2020

Kelompok Angklung Lintas Generasi

The Angklung Nusantara Inter-generational group was witnessed by the Deputy Regent of Bantul

Sunday (15/03/2020) Bougenville Angklung Nusantara Inter-generational Group Elderly Posyandu Iroyudan Hamlet also enlivened the Inauguration of Tam

Tuesday, 17/03/2020

Checking Blood Pressure, Talking, and Sharing Love Cords to the Elderly

Seven young cadre Anggrek Elderly Posyandu  Watugedug Hamlet, Guwosari Village, Bantul still continue to serve the elders.

Monday, 02/03/2020

Melatih Daya Ingat Lanjut Usia

Train Elderly's Memory with Fun Lightweight Games

Sunday (01/03/2020) Anggrek Elderly Posyandu , Watugedug Hamlet, Guwosari Village, Pajangan, Bantul, conducts routine monthly service.

Monday, 02/03/2020

Three Generations of Guwosari Village Play Angklung Welcoming HLUN May 29

As many as 80 people representing three generations (children, teenagers, and elderly) from Guwosari Village collaborated to play

Thursday, 02/05/2019

The Elderly Posyandu is One of the Forums for Fostering the Elderly to Stay in Shape

The attendance of the elderly posyandu in each hamlet was very much needed by the elderly as a forum for fostering them until they can enjoy their

Wednesday, 24/05/2017

The Formal Hearings of the Elderly-Friendly Community with DKI Jakarta Provincial Government

SurveyMETER as the initiator of the elderly-friendly community movement attended a formal hearing with the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government that t

Monday, 09/01/2017